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The SugarMD Difference!

What’s inside our supplements matter…which is why we are the only company to formulate our products with a specialty physician. Dr. Ahmet Ergin, works with clinically proven ingredients that are pure, natural and tested for maximum potency.

The SugarMD promise is to give you real results with potency and purity you can trust.

“SugarMD supplement is awesome! It helped me lose weight, helped my sugar cravings. I lost 30 pounds after starting this product!


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Amazing supplement! You will see blood sugars like you’ve never before! It helps lower your A1C tremendously! Highly recommend this product if you haven’t already bought it!

Denise Santoyo

I’m not a huge believer in supplements to control diabetes ~ however, that said, this combination seems to really do the job. Much better control ~ fewer crazy spikes ~ albeit a whole lot more “hypo” events. Adjusting insulin dose to lessen the “hypos” ~ purchased 3 bottles and will DEFINITELY REORDER.


I’ve used “the other” brand but saw much faster results with SugarMD. I never expected a “miracle pill” and knew/know its effectiveness was inherent to maintaining a proper diet. I’m not confident the negative reviews made that connection. My A1C has dropped over 5 points and my LibreLink is a great reminder… and this costs 50% less than “the other” brand!

Seth S. Shelton

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