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Invokana Side effects vs benefits & Invokana coupon

Leslie just heard that Invokana can cause amputations.  She panicked.  Leslie has been on Invokana (generic: canagliflozin) for almost 2 years now.  She looks at her feet and smiles “they are still there”.  Okay, Leslie is a little dramatic but in reality, people get exposed to all sorts of information.  Most of the time they […]

What causes diabetes?

What causes diabetes is an extremely common question.  As you know there are many different types of diabetes.  The most commonly known type of diabetes is type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.  Although they both result in high blood sugars, which causes type 1 diabetes versus type 2 diabetes is totally different.  In this […]

Insulin Pump for Diabetes: Endocrinologist view!

What is an insulin pump? Continuous subcutaneous insulin, or the insulin pump, has gained popularity and sophistication in recent years. An insulin pump is a device that delivers insulin to the body. Some people with diabetes use an insulin pump instead of shots to get their insulin treatment. So why is an insulin pump different, […]

Jardiance for Diabetes, Side effects, Jardiance coupon

can jardiance cause dka

An Honest review of Jardiance by Endocrinologist Dr. Ahmet Ergin Most of you have heard about Jardiance. You may have diabetes and are looking to get the safest and most effective ways to control your diabetes. You may have concerns about the side effects of Jardiance. Maybe you were looking for Jardiance coupons to be […]

Does metformin cause diarrhea? What to do?

Endocrinologist Advise on Metformin Induced Diarrhea If you started taking metformin you probably have some questions now.  Such as, does metformin cause diarrhea?  What other side effects does metformin have other than diarrhea?  The short answer is most of the time yes.  The real question is how to avoid diarrhea and what to expect when […]

Insulin resistance, Prediabetes and Metabolic syndrome

How does insulin resistance lead to prediabetes, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome We define Insulin resistance as a less than normal response to normal insulin concentrations. Prediabetes is the condition between insulin resistance and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is a combination of metabolic derangements such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Insulin resistance eventually leads to […]

Januvia side effects and Januvia Coupon

Endocrinologist Review of Januvia Today we are going to talk about the Januvia.  We are going to talk about Januvia side effects, where to get Januvia coupon, and we will compare Januvia versus Trulicity, Januvia versus Ozempic, Januvia versus Tradjenta, Januvia versus Jardiance, Januvia versus glipizide and glimepiride.  At the end of this article, you […]