Monthly Archives: October 2020

Travelling During Covid for Diabetics! What to do?

COVID-19 traveling during Holidays for Diabetics With  Thanksgiving right around the corner, and Christmas just about a month away, many of my diabetic patients ask whether it is safe to be traveling during COVID  aka coronavirus for diabetics, or is it okay to visit family or gather for the holidays? So we will talk about […]

Why do diabetics lose limbs?

Do Diabetics lose limbs? I see a ton of diabetic patients in my office and sometimes they come with diabetic foot ulcers sometimes they come to see me the first time with the missing limbs and that really really makes me sad and I want the awareness to go up and today I’m going to […]

Diabetic breakfast-Oatmeal

Can you have oatmeal if you have diabetes? Oatmeal is reasonably good if you want to have carbs in your breakfast. It’s better than your white bread. It’s better than your other pastries. Oatmeal is heart-healthy. There are substances in oatmeal that helps your heart. All you need to understand how much carbs you’re getting […]

Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe for Diabetics?

Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetes A lot of people use artificial sweeteners to avoid calories that can come from table sugar.  Especially patients with type I and type 2 diabetes tend to use artificial sweeteners frequently.  Are they really helpful?  Did I have serious side effects on diabetics?  How much artificial sweetener is safe?  Today we […]