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Social life, playing sports, eating out, financial assistance for diabetics.

How to have a social life with diabetes? Diabetes may have some effect on most people’s social life. Many can learn to manage it so that diabetes would not affect their ability to eat out or in social gatherings. Most people can and should have smaller portions and be a little more careful to avoid […]

10 Diabetes control tips

Hi everyone! I’m Dr.  Ahmet Ergin, and today I’ve got ten tips to make diabetes fun! No, wait, sorry. Manageable. Let’s face it. Diabetes is no fun at all. It’s a bummer. Finding out you have diabetes is like finding out that your sister-in-law is coming to visit. And then live with you, permanently. It […]

The Best Diabetic diet! Mediterranean Diet!

Hey guys! I am Dr. Ahmet Ergin. I am a physician, endocrinologist, and diabetes education, specialist. Finally, I am talking about the Mediterranean diet because you asked for it. I am telling you this diet is the best diabetic diet, even better than the keto diet. This article will help control your diabetes and help […]