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Berberine for Diabetes can be a great addition!

Berberine for Diabetes – What You Need to Know Berberine is a diabetes supplement commonly used for treating Type 2 diabetes. So, what are the effects of berberine? Where is its usefulness? And what is the recommended berberine dosage for diabetes?   Berberine is a bioactive compound that comes from a variety of plants, including […]

Bitter Melon for Diabetes – A Natural Diabetic Supplement

Bitter Melon for Diabetics In ancient times, herbal medicines and homemade remedies were widely used for the treatment of various diseases. These herbal medicines were plant-based formulations, made especially from plant leaves, roots, or plant extracts. Herbal medicines were cost-efficient and highly effective. That’s why the majority of rural people still have blind faith in […]

Tests to Determine the Diabetic Type

  What are the tests to determine the type of Diabetes? Some diabetic tests can be done to see what type of diabetes you have. Not everyone needs these tests, but they are sometimes helpful. One test, called the C-peptide test, is done to see if you are making insulin. C-peptide is a small chunk […]