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the best bread for diabetic

The Best Bread Types for Diabetics or Anyone on A Diet! Bread is loved by everyone and almost essential in every diet around the world.  Bread is versatile and can be used for meals on the go…like a delicious turkey sandwich. But as most of you know, whether you have diabetes or you’re watching carbs […]

Control Your Diabetes with Natural Blood Sugar Supplements

Millions of Americans struggle with their blood sugar. The Center for Disease Control indicates that just over 1 in 10 Americans has been diagnosed with diabetes, and likely there are millions more that battle against that battle their blood sugar without even recognising their symptoms (the CDC says that most prediabetics are wholly unaware of […]

Does Metformin Cause Weight Loss in Diabetics?

metformin losing weight

Can I Use Metformin for Weight Loss With or Without Diabetes? Metformin, a potential weight-loss medication, is available to some patients with type 2 diabetes. The question is, how much weight can you really lose with metformin with or without diabetes? What are the mechanisms of weight loss, if any, and is it really worth […]

Top 10 Causes of High Blood Sugar Other than Eating Sugar!

reasons for high blood suhar

10 Reasons of High Blood Sugar Without Eating Carbs or Sugar In the early stages of after you found out you had diabetes, you probably checked your blood sugar levels frequently to see how things like food, exercise, stress, and illness affected them. For the most part, you know what you’re doing. Well, occasionally you […]