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Physical Signs of Diabetes

Signs, Symptoms and Complications of Diabetes Diabetes is a growing health epidemic. Most of the time people are diagnosed incidentally, by chance during a regular blood work or occasionally with typical symptoms of diabetes. One of the diagnostic criteria of diabetes is a random blood sugar above 200 mg/dL with the symptoms. So, what are […]

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Can Keto Diet Help with Diabetes?

In this article How does ketogenic diet induce weight loss? What type of fats is the Keto diet referring to anyway? Effects of ketogenic diet on blood glucose The Keto diet sounds great! So, what the catch? The warning signs of DKA What not to eat on ketogenic diet Monitoring your diabetes Any evidence to […]

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Why bother with finger stick Glucose Testing?

Inadequate insulin or oral medication dose- this happens when patients eat more than the insulin they take can handle or not correctly counting carbs. Other medications- consult with your doctor regarding this. Stress (dehydration, etc.) More carbohydrate than normally consumed at that time   Factors Which May Lower Blood Glucose Physical activity Too much insulin […]

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Do I need insulin?

In my diabetes care center, I get a question from my patients frequently which is “why do I need insulin”. Do I need insulin at all? Good questions to ask. If your doctor can not answer this question, read this article. Still has questions? Call us at 1 800-644-3963 for a free consultation. A lot of […]

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) and diabetes

Sexual Health and Diabetes As people age, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) become more common.  In a person with diabetes, these problems can be worse. Having or enjoying sex may be difficult for you or your partner. Today we will talk about erectile dysfunction(ED) and diabetes. High blood glucose can cause blood vessels […]

What is Gestational Diabetes

Prefer to Watch a Video? What is and How to Deal with Gestational Diabetes High blood sugars times start happening at or after 24-week of pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. So, what is gestational diabetes? Gestation means pregnancy. As a result, gestational diabetes means diabetes during pregnancy. The reason we give a special name is […]