Bitter melon dish cooked

Bitter Melon Recipes: Healthy and Delicious Meals

Five Delicious Bitter Melon Recipes Looking for a way to add more nutrients and flavor to your meals? Bitter melon might be just what you need! This unique vegetable can be used in various dishes, from stir fries to soups. This blog post will share some of our favorite bitter melon recipes with you. We’ll […]

ozempic vs metformin for weight loss

Metformin vs Ozempic For Weight Loss!

Metformin vs. Ozempic! Which One Is Better For Weight Loss? If you have diabetes, chances are you’ve been prescribed medication to help control your sugar levels. But with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Metformin and Ozempic are two of the most […]

insulin resistance


WEIGHT LOSS AND INSULIN RESISTANCE. ENEMIES OR FRIENDS? Weight gain leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance occurs when the body is no longer sensitive to insulin and cannot properly utilize it. The body may eventually stop producing this hormone as a result of insulin resistance. So best is […]

insulin plant for diabetes


BENEFITS, RISKS, AND SIDE EFFECTS OF INSULIN PLANT? There are many diabetes control claims made about the insulin plant. Are they true? What are the side effects of insulin plant and what are the downsides of it? Is Insulin plant the best diabetic supplement? What does insulin plant do to your body? Does insulin plant […]


Spirulina Benefits With or Without Diabetes!

What Are Spirulina Benefits? Spirulina is a high-nutrient source. It contains phycocyanin, a powerful plant-based protein. According to research, this has antioxidant, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties. Many of the antioxidants found in spirulina have anti-inflammatory properties in the body. There are many more benefits or spirulina or spirulina powder. Lets review them here shortly. […]

healthy breakfast for diabetics

7 Day Breakfast Plan For Diabetics

7-Day Breakfast Plan For Diabetics To Control Sugar & Still Enjoy Life For diabetics who want to keep their blood sugar under control while still having a good time, here’s a seven-day breakfast plan to get you started. You will stop worrying about breakfast ideas for diabetics after this blog. First Day: Eggs A big […]

alphalipoic and bentofiamine

Alpha Lipoic Acid or Benfotiamine Better For Diabetes

Benfotiamine vs Alpha Lipoic Acid: Which Is Better? Long-term high blood sugar levels cause typical diabetic chronic health conditions as well as serious long-term diabetes damage. Diabetic polyneuropathy refers to the death of several peripheral nerves that are responsible for sensory sensations (eg. diabetic neuropathy in the feet), movement, and organ control. Other diabetic comorbidities […]

omnipod mobile application

Omnipod 5 Is Now Approved For Type 1 Diabetes

Super Cool Omnipod 5 Insulin Pump is Here for Type 1 Diabetics! The Omnipod 5 has received FDA approval for diabetics with type 1 disease. In 2022, consumers will be able to purchase the tubeless insulin pump, the Dexcom G6 glucose monitor, and the smartphone app. As of the middle of 2022, the Omnipod 5 […]

blood being used in a1c test

How Is A1c Calculated. HbA1c Test Details

How Is A1c Calculated In the Lab or Doctor’s Office The hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) level has become a critical diagnostic for the diagnosis and management of diabetes. In the long run, it can provide you with an indication of how effectively your diabetes treatment plan is working. Diagnosing diabetes and monitoring the progress of a […]