chemical structure of metformin

Is Metformin Anti-Cancer or Does Metformin Cause Cancer?

Can Metformin Be Anti-Cancer Or is Metformin Carcinogenic? Metformin or its cousin berberine and dihydroberberine are an important part of the treatment for diabetes mellitus. Clinical studies have shown that it may be able to help prevent and treat a wide range of cancers. So is metformin anti-cancer or does it cause cancer? Lets find […]

different kinds of diabetic supplements

Diabetic Supplements That Actually Work!

What Diabetic Supplements Do Actually Work? Today I am talking about diabetic supplements that actually work! It is not just diabetic supplements, but also herbs. I know you guys have heard “some stuff” from “people”, but you are probably all lost. Every company claims that their diabetic supplement work but in reality, most don’t. How […]

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Can a Diabetic Intermittent Fast?

Can Patients With Diabetes Do Intermittent Fasting? In this blog, we will talk about the risks of intermittent fasting especially when you are on diabetic meds and have a certain medical condition and how to prevent or reduce risks. Can diabetics really intermittent fast safely or whether patients with diabetes occasionally do intermittent fasting? Intermittent […]

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Is Salt Good or Bad For You?

Is Salt Good of Bad For You Especially If You Have Diabetes? The answer to whether salt is good or bad for you is today’s topic. Google information may tell you that you should eat as much salt as you want? Is that true, is that true for everyone. I will tell you one thing. […]

different types of cheeses

The Best Cheeses To Eat When You Have Diabetes or On Keto

What Is the Healthiest Type of Cheese to Eat for Diabetics or People with Insulin Resistance? Today we are talking about cheese, the best cheeses to eat when you have diabetes, and the best and healthiest cheeses for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. We’re talking about real cheese, manufactured from high-quality ingredients and sometimes even raw. Yummy! […]

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Diabetic Eye Disease(Retinopathy): Signs You May Already Have It

DIABETIC EYE DISEASE OR RETINOPATHY Today we are talking about signs you may have diabetic eye disease or diabetic retinopathy. We will talk about the signs of diabetic eye disease, but remember that many people don’t know whether they have eye disease because there are often no signs or symptoms, or they think that poor […]

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What Are Metformin Side Effects? Doctor Review

METFORMIN SIDE EFFECTS What exactly is the situation when it comes to metformin side effects? The fact that it helps type 2 diabetics better control their blood sugar levels is well known, and studies are even beginning to show that it can actually help you live longer when compared to those who do not have […]

autophagy benefits

Autophagy: Amazing Benefits for Diabetics and Prediabetics!

Best Way to Reverse Diabetes: Induce Autophagy In Your Body What is really happening in your body when you fast or exercise, and even better if you do both? The short answer is autophagy. It sounds like a big word, and yes, it is something big and important to understand. You may have heard about autophagy, […]

the best bread for diabetics


The Best Bread Diabetics or Anyone on A Diet! Bread is loved by everyone and is almost essential in every diet around the world.  Bread is versatile and can be used for meals on the go…like a delicious turkey sandwich. And you are looking for the best bread for diabetics. You are in the right […]

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Control Your Diabetes with Natural Blood Sugar Supplements

Millions of Americans struggle with their blood sugar. The Center for Disease Control indicates that just over 1 in 10 Americans has been diagnosed with diabetes, and likely there are millions more that battle against that battle their blood sugar without even recognising their symptoms (the CDC says that most prediabetics are wholly unaware of […]