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the best bread for diabetic

The Best Bread Types for Diabetics or Anyone on A Diet! Bread is loved by everyone and almost essential in every diet around the world.  Bread is versatile and can be used for meals on the go…like a delicious turkey sandwich. But as most of you know, whether you have diabetes or you’re watching carbs […]

Top 10 Causes of High Blood Sugar Other than Eating Sugar!

reasons for high blood suhar

10 Reasons of High Blood Sugar Without Eating Carbs or Sugar In the early stages of after you found out you had diabetes, you probably checked your blood sugar levels frequently to see how things like food, exercise, stress, and illness affected them. For the most part, you know what you’re doing. Well, occasionally you […]

Can Jardiance Cause DKA(Diabetic Ketoacidosis) As A Side Effect?

can jardiance cause dka

Jardiance and DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) Today I am presenting a unique case of DKA(which is an acidotic potentially lethal complication of diabetes) associated with Jardiance ( an SGLT-2 inhibitor ) use that was complicated by diabetic ketoacidosis induced by a ketogenic diet and unmasking underlying type 1 diabetes in a patient previously mistakenly diagnosed treated […]


SETTING LONG-LASTING GOALS A goal is a key to forming long-lasting habits. They provide a sense of direction, focus, and motivation. However, in most cases not all goals are established correctly, making them forgettable, not durable, and not motivating us to continue. The way we set a goal is going to determine if it is […]

Can Diabetics Eat Rice? Diabetes Diet Essentials

Best Kinds of Rice for Diabetics   Today, we are going to talk about rice, the enemy of diabetics. I see tons of patients with diabetes every day. I love them and yet they love rice in their diet. Sometimes it creates a conflict, so I found some solutions for you. Almost everybody loves rice. […]