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Brenda Peralta, RD is a registered dietitian who believes nutritional education is the key to lifestyle changes. She graduated from the University of Medical Sciences in Costa Rica, with one of the top GPAs in her class.She is a certified diabetes educator and precision nutrition level 1 coach, with more than 5 years of experience. Brenda believes in having a connection between patient and dietitian to provide the most personalized recommendations possible. She knows people with diabetes have a lot to deal with from the diagnosis to making immediate changes thus she would like to help you make the process the easiest as possible. Her main nutritional intervention approach is based on motivational interview since she believes it is the key to helping her patients so that they are the ones in charge of their process and her as a constant guide.

30 Minute Meeting with Brenda at SugarMDs

Brenda Peralta,RD
Registered Dietitian