SugarMD Advanced Glucose Support Supplement 60 capsules - Starter Pack

sugarmd advanced glucose support

Unbeatable Formula for Glucose Management.

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Blood sugar levels can be hard to maintain. Whether it was a carby meal,  a little snacking here and there or you're doing all you can but it is not working…SugarMD Advanced Glucose Support was made with you in mind. Our unique blend of ancient, traditional Ayurvedic herbs help to maintain and support healthy glucose levels, curb appetite and cravings, support weight loss and the metabolism of fats as well as provide healthy energy levels.*

  • The only endocrinologist formulated and approved blood glucose supplement on the market.

  • Contains a specially formulated blend of pure, powerful herbs that work harmoniously to maintain and support healthy glucose levels.

  • Recommended for pre-diabetic and Type 2 diabetics alike.

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Advanced Glucose Support

  • Promotes Healthy Glucose Levels*
  • Supports Healthy A1c Level
  • Supports Healthy Insulin Levels*
  • For Best Results take 2 capsules, 3 times per day with a meal

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108 reviews for SugarMD Advanced Glucose Support Supplement 60 capsules - Starter Pack

  1. William Gebel

    Excellent product.

  2. Linda

    First product I have used that works the way it is intended. Dr.Ervin is my endocrinologist I really am impressed with him. I would recommend, it has taken my sugar down I went from hga1c of >14 to 8.2 in one month. This is amust have for diabetics . I have almost gotten off all insulin too

  3. Ashton H.

    This product has worked a miracle for me. I was skeptical at first reading the reviews and seeing the testimonials that it lowered their blood sugar to normal ranges in 3 days. Well, it happened for me as well! I've had uncontrolled glucose levels for as long as I can remember, and everything I've tried from cinnamon to berberine hasn't brought me back in range. But this is the first supplement that actually worked. I'm much happier and I can't wait to get my life back on track now that I don't have to worry so much.

  4. Johannes Zemichael Zemichael

    Excellent product. It works great.

  5. Chad C.

    Product worked great - i will order more.

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