SugarMD Neuropathy Support 60 Capsules

$29.95 available on subscription from $22.46 every 9 months

SugarMD Neuropathy Support is the best way to protect your nerves from neuropathy. This is a homeopathic supplement, not a neuropathy prescription medicine. This supplement helps protect nerves from damage caused by blood glucose and other oxidative assaults. As a result, nerves can breathe and thrive in the correct environment, allowing them to naturally reestablish function.

Benfotiamine can protect and maintain endothelial (vascular wall) health that may be damaged by high blood sugar.
 Alpha-lipoic acid boosts nerve anti-oxidant defense against neuropathy.
Acetyl L- Carnitine helps fight nerve damage, memory loss, and cognitive decline.
 B12 helps protect nerve myelin sheath. Without it, nerves die, causing diseases like neuropathy. A B12 shortage is common in people taking metformin and this can cause neurological and cognitive impairment.
 Vitamin B6 helps protect nerve endings.
Vitamin D has neuroprotective effects via neurotrophin synthesis which helps prevent oxidative damage to the brain and nerveous tissue.

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