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Signs You Have Neuropathy without Knowing

Alarming Signs You Have Neuropathy without Knowing

Do you ever experience strange sensations in your feet or hands, like pins and needles or burning pain, but can’t quite pinpoint the cause? If so, you may have peripheral neuropathy without even realizing it. This condition, affecting the peripheral nervous system, is much more than just numbness or tingling – it can cause a […]

diabetic amputee

Why do diabetics lose limbs?

Do Diabetics lose limbs? I see a ton of diabetic patients in my office and sometimes they come with diabetic foot ulcers sometimes they come to see me the first time with the missing limbs and that really really makes me sad and I want the awareness to go up and today I’m going to […]

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Diabetic neuropathy

DIABETIC NEUROPATHY OVERVIEW Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage because of diabetes.As a diabetes specialist, I hear about neuropathy commonly from my type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients. Diabetic neuropathy is so common that up to 26% of patients already have diabetic neuropathy at the time of a diabetes diagnosis. A generalized type of […]