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if blood sugar low what to do

If Blood Sugar Low What to Do? – Comprehensive guide

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “If blood sugar low what to do?” Well, you’re not alone. Managing blood sugar levels is a critical aspect of maintaining overall health, especially for individuals with diabetes. But let’s start with the basics first. Understanding Blood Sugar Unveiling the mystery of blood sugar is a significant step towards […]

illustration of blood sugar reading

Why is my blood sugar up and down?

What causes blood sugar fluctuations? Here is Why your blood sugar might be up and down or fluctuate too much: Taking the excessive or inadequate amount of diabetes medication Changes in diet patterns or food content such as eating fried food or high carbohydrate content Change in the activity level such as starting a new […]

stethoscope surrounding the word hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia/low blood sugar

In this article, we will talk about hypoglycemia/low blood sugar. Low blood sugar, in other words, hypoglycemia happens when blood sugars go below a certain level. Everybody feels hypoglycemia/low blood sugar at different blood sugar levels depending on their baseline blood sugar level. We will talk about that later in this article. Medically, hypoglycemia/low blood […]