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Can Metformin Cause Blurry Vision

Can Metformin Cause Blurry Vision?

Have you ever wondered, “Can metformin cause blurry vision?” If you’re taking this medication for type 2 diabetes or other health conditions, it’s crucial to understand its potential side effects. Blurry vision can be more than just an inconvenience; it can significantly impact your quality of life. In this article, we’ll delve into the relationship […]

What is the Most Common Side Effect of Rybelsus

Top Signs Metformin Is Not Working

Metformin, the often-prescribed drug for managing type 2 diabetes, is quite the boon for those grappling with blood sugar control. By reducing glucose production in the liver, it eases the path to lower blood sugar levels, simultaneously curbing the risks of complications like heart disease and stroke. However, here’s the kicker: Metformin doesn’t hold the […]

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Metformin Side Effects: Less Known Issues

Surprising But Dangerous Side Effects of Metformin Metformin is the most commonly used diabetic medication for high glucose and yet the most debated diabetes medication as well. There are many metformin side effects, which is why it’s important to be fully aware of what they are before you start taking this medication. In this blog […]

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What Are Metformin Side Effects? Doctor Review

METFORMIN SIDE EFFECTS What exactly is the situation when it comes to metformin side effects? The fact that it helps type 2 diabetics better control their blood sugar levels is well known, and studies are even beginning to show that it can actually help you live longer when compared to those who do not have […]

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Does metformin cause weight loss?

David just found out that he had diabetes. His primary care doctor prescribed metformin to reduce his A1c. His goal with diabetes is to lose weight. He is curious whether metformin helps reduce his weight. So he asks does metformin cause a weight loss to his doctor. Let us answer David’s question. Endocrinologists and diabetologists […]

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Side Effects of Metformin

Metformin side effects, is Metformin bad for you? Is metformin bad for you? I get that question a lot in my diabetes clinic. There’s a lot being talked about when it comes to metformin side effects. Some people say it is bad for you. Some others think metformin is the best medicine for diabetes. Endocrinologists […]