SugarMD supplement is awesome! It helped me lose weight, helped
my sugar cravings. I lost 30 pounds after starting this product!

– Cindy

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  1. Latonya Blair

    My recent blood work on 07/18/22 showed that my AC1 was 9.1. I elected not to take what the Dr wanted to prescribe and take a more natural approach. After leaving the drs office I was so sad and started to pray and ask God for guidance. I immediately went to YouTube and came across Dr Ergin. So, I purchase Advance Glucose Support. I’m extremely happy I did!

    For the last three days my glucose numbers are between 120 – 127. No spikes when I wake up in the morning. I watch my carb intake and exercise.

    I never write reviews, but this product is worth every person with diabetes try.

  2. Elizabeth r Smith

    This by far is the best product I’ve taken for my blood sugar… the only thing that works for me

  3. Beatrice

    You give good advice, I check my blood every morning and lately it’s been 106 to 115, should I be concerned, I was diagnosed with PRE DIABETES 3 YEARS , FROM 6.2 TO 6.1, AND 6.0, I’ve been a little worry, and I lost 12lbs, I use to weigh 146lbs, should I be concerned, I use to eat a orange or grapes after dinner, but not anymore, you also make me laught with your jokes, your funny

  4. Mocha

    Been using for a month and my blood sugars dropped from 300 fasting to 100 fasting. After meals, which are low carb, it keeps my blood sugar within normal range. So glad I found this product through YouTube. It’s the ONLY thing that has worked in 10 years. I just subscribed so I’ll always have it. Trust me, it’s worth it!

  5. Annie

    Although I’m not diabetic, I have suffered for years from nerve pain on the tops of both of my feet. The sharp, stabbing pain would appear out of nowhere, and was affecting my quality of life. I began taking Neuropathy Support 3 months ago, and I would say my pain has declined by about 95%. I take 2 capsules daily. This supplement has been life-changing for me.

  6. Crisante Cabagay


  7. Crisante Cabagay


  8. Elizabeth Lotze

    I am super excited with your product. It brought my blood sugar down to normal levels in three days
    My doctor still keeps pushing meds!

  9. Anita Williams

    Sugar MD -Advanced Glucose Support has really lower my A1C level.

  10. [email protected]

    I watch your video on YouTube and learn about your products

  11. Regino S. Rodriguez

    2nd time buying its been very good helping with my sugar lvls…

  12. Noel Grant

    I have seen tremendous benefits after taking the Glucose Support supplement.My fasting sugar level is now 86 -99 after reducing my metformin dose from 2000 mg to 1000mg. daily.I thank you Doc!

  13. Mark Tyler

    I just got my first bottle after a review by Dennis on Beat Diabetes! on Youtube. I can’t believe how powerful these pills are. I actually have to be careful I don’t take too much, or it will take me lower than I want to go. Bottom line, these babies prevent spikes, and lower your numbers. However, I caution you; don’t use it as an excuse to hit the potato chips. Stay low carb, and get well with the help of these pills.

  14. Mary

    It works! Reduced Metformin to 500mg per day as opposed to 1000mg twice per day.

  15. Victoria A. Abekah


  16. Gail Carter

    Wow! That’s all I can say! I take one capsule after each meal or three times a day. My AM glucose was heading toward 130…after a week it was 96 this am. After each meal I’m getting lower and lower…THANK YOU. I’ve tried everything doctor recommended on the market….none have altered my numbers….I do not want any medications. I looked up each ingredient and all are edible. No side effects! Wonderful……

  17. Marina G

    Like the product (Neuropathy Support 180 Capsules) it does work

  18. Connie (verified owner)

    Wow is all I can say. These really curbs my appetite.

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