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Best Ways to Quit Snacking, Control Diabetes and, Lose Weight!

Tips To Reduce Snacking & Extra Weight Gain How to Quit Snacking! 10 Tips to Make it Easier.   Today, I’m going to give you my top tips to help .


Tips To Reduce Snacking & Extra Weight Gain

How to Quit Snacking! 10 Tips to Make it Easier.


Today, I’m going to give you my top tips to help you quit snacking. By doing so you will be able to prevent blood sugar spikes and to avoid extra weight gain. Let’s get started.

Hi everyone! Dr. Ahmet Ergin here. Your web endocrinologist and diabetes specialist.

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s your 3 PM snack or your after dinner but before bedtime, late-night movie snack dadadaha, we’ve all done it. Ahh if you are one of those mr or mrs perfect this video is not for you. I am talking about people who have a habit of snacking.

People love snacking but their fat cells love it even more…which is not a good thing when you are trying to lose weight or keep diabetes under control. Every time you introduce any food to your body regardless of whether it is protein, fat, or carb, your body will know to store the unused energy. So snacking is a good way to put on weight if you are also eating regular meals.


So, I’m going to give you my top 10 tips to help you quit or reduce your snacking. Some of these things you may already know but if you watch the entire video, I’m sure you will learn something new because that’s my goal today.

#1. Eat proper meals. What do I mean by that?

If you find yourself snacking every day, take a look at your meals. To reduce the need for snacking make sure you’re eating enough healthy fats at your mealtimes. Healthy fats high in omega 3 and healthy carbs with a low glycemic index can keep you satisfied longer so make sure to incorporate them in your diet. For example, instead of eating spaghetti alone, remember to drizzle some olive oil. Instead of eating white bread with your soup, try pumpernickel bread and dip your bread in olive oil and spice mix. The amount you actually need to eat at each meal varies for everyone. It depends on how active your lifestyle is, age, and even gender. Check out my previous video where I go over caloric intake if you want more detailed information on this.


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#2. Drinking some water may help quit snacking!

I know you’ve heard this before but it’s true. You can confuse thirst for hunger which leads to snacking. Drink a full glass of water, wait for 15 minutes and ask yourself if you still want to get that snack. Tip: try a sugar-free water flavoring if you hate water. Cucumber, mint, and lemon in a water infuser is my favorite choice.


#3. Are you hungry or really just bored?

Most people tend to snack when they’re bored. If you’re sitting at your desk or at home and find yourself thinking about a snack, try to distract yourself by getting up and doing something else instead of reaching for a snack. Take a walk around the office, straighten up the kitchen, watch one of my YouTube videos, do whatever you can. You may be surprised at how well this keeps snacking and extra pounds away.


#4. Don’t have a “stash of snacks around” to stop snacking!

If you keep snacks within reach like in your desk drawer or out on the counter, you’re more likely to grab one. So if you want to stop snacking, instead, keep your snacks on a higher shelf instead of your drawer or cabinet and try not to keep snacks on your desk. It helps to keep healthy snacks handy though. Healthy fats like nuts or low-calorie snack choices like baby carrots are great to keep in small containers if you need to have snack around. The Best way to avoid unhealthy snacking is to get rid of them. Remember Out of sight, out of mind!


#5. Keep track of what you eat.

If you keep a record of what you eat, you’re less likely to snack. It also helps to give you a visual snapshot on carbs and calories for the day. Stay tuned and keep a look out for my new app called SugarMD “ of course” coming out in November where you can keep all of your food and glucose dairy as well as photos of foods.


#6 Consider using herbs to curb the appetite

Try SugarMD Weight loss formula/fat burner that is available on our website sugarmds.com. Our supplement has natural compounds to help keep you full and help prevent snacking.


#7. Pick better snacks

If snacking is so important for you or maybe you are one of those who starts shaking after not eating for more than 4 hours, maybe you’re just having trouble kicking it, try replacing your snack choices. As I mentioned, nuts such as almonds are the perfect snack. They are low carb, have protein, healthy fat, and taste great. You can even try different flavors. Pre-cut veggies also work well. You can even try dipping them in plain Greek yogurt seasoned with spices like curry, garlic, dill, or an Italian blend.

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#8. Drink something warm.

Drinking something warm can help when hunger strikes and help you quit snacking. If you’ve tried tea and coffee before or you don’t like tea or coffee, low sodium broth is a great choice and can satisfy hunger. Choose a low sodium vegetable or chicken broth.  This can be super convenient when they come in tablets or cubes and you can simply pour some hot water on it, stir and enjoy. Just make sure you select a natural, low sodium option.


#9 Save money and calories

Don’t buy snacks at all. If you have snacks in the house or around you at work, of course, you’ll be thinking about snacking! Or if you are like my father you will eat them to prevent the “waste”.  If you don’t have tasty snacks around, you’re not going to eat them. Yes, it can be that simple. Of course, diabetics who are on insulin or sulfonylurea agents such as glipizide, glyburide or glimepiride should have a snack available in the event of low blood sugar but you can also try keeping glucose tablets instead. You can’t snack on glucose tablets. Maybe some of you can. Don’t know.



#10. Treat yourself here and there

Don’t deny yourself of anything completely. This is the number one mistake people make when trying to diet. If you totally deprive yourself of your favorite food items, you’re more likely to quit or break your diet. Instead, allow yourself a day each week for a moment to “indulge” like some popcorns for your movie night. This doesn’t mean eating a whole bag of chips or an entire package of cookies followed by an insulin shot or hospital admission. This is more like a pre-planned, pre-portioned event. It’s helpful to have something to look forward to so plan this ahead. If you want to make Friday the day that you’ll enjoy that food, stick with each Friday. Also, portion out the food item to avoid over-eating. I personally intentionally work harder so I can enjoy a few treats without having to worry about weight gain.  You can also adjust what you will eat in your meals that day to account for your indulgent snack later.


I hope this was helpful for anyone trying to quit snacking or lose some weight. If you have any tips or snack hacks leave them in the comment section below.

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