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Best Shoes for People with Diabetes According to Podiatrists

Having diabetes can bring on a whole host of issues with your feet. In order to keep your feet in good health, it is essential to wear the proper diabetic .


Having diabetes can bring on a whole host of issues with your feet. In order to keep your feet in good health, it is essential to wear the proper diabetic shoes for men. Podiatrists have researched which shoes are the best for diabetic patients, considering factors like comfort, support, breathability, flexibility and slip-resistance. In this article we will look at the best diabetic shoes recommended by podiatrists and how to choose the right size and type of shoe for you.

Explanation of diabetes and its complications

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that affects the body’s ability to process sugar or glucose, resulting in elevated levels of glucose in the blood. People with diabetes are at risk of developing a variety of diseases and complications, due to the damage high blood sugar levels can cause to the body’s organs and tissues. One of the most common and damaging complications of diabetes is the development of neuropathy or nerve damage. Neuropathy can cause pain and decreased sensation in the toes and feet, leading to the risk of ulcers, infection and even amputation in severe cases.

What Causes Diabetic Foot Problems?

People with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing foot issues due to the effect of the condition on their blood circulation and nerve function. Poor circulation can make it difficult for wounds to heal and can lead to complications such as infection. Additionally elevated levels of glucose in the blood can damage the nerve endings, leading to a condition called peripheral neuropathy. This condition causes a loss of sensation in the feet and can make it difficult to recognize injuries.

The combination of poor blood circulation and nerve damage increases the chance of developing foot problems such as ulcers, infections and can even lead to amputation. The best way to reduce the risk of these and other foot issues is to wear properly fitted diabetic shoes for men that provide arch support and cushioning for the feet. Additionally people with diabetes should be sure to inspect their feet regularly for any signs of inflammation, cuts or sores. By being aware of potential issues, it is possible to take the appropriate steps to maintain healthy feet.

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What to Look for in Diabetic Shoes for Men?

When shopping for the best shoes for people with diabetes, it’s important to choose a pair that offers optimal support and protection. Shoes specifically designed for diabetics are designed to provide added protection, comfort and stability that can help reduce the risk of foot injuries such as ulcers, scabs and blisters.

When selecting diabetic shoes, look for the following features:

Comfort and support

People with diabetes are more prone to getting foot ulcers so it is of the utmost importance for them to have shoes that provide sufficient support and cushioning which can help to prevent or reduce the chances of skin breakdown. For this reason, many podiatrists (foot doctors) recommend diabetic shoes for men as these are specifically designed to meet the needs of those with diabetes.

Diabetic shoes for men are often made with extra cushioned insole materials such as polyurethane as well as a supportive arch support to help provide a comfortable fit. The shoes also allow for ease of movement and a roomy toe box that can accommodate swelling so that the feet can remain comfortable during movement.

The shoes also come with removable insoles that can be replaced if necessary. This allows for added depth to the shoe, providing better support and comfort.

Wide and deep toe box

Having a roomier toe box allows your feet to move naturally and freely, helping to reduce pressure points. This can help to prevent calluses, bunions and other foot conditions associated with diabetes. It can also help to reduce the chance of blisters and rubbing on any areas of the foot that may be sensitive.

The width of the toe box should also be taken into account when looking for diabetic shoes for men. It’s important to find a shoe that gives plenty of room for the toes to spread out as having your toes too close together can cause too much pressure on the toes and could exacerbate existing foot conditions.

When trying the shoes on, it’s important to ensure the toe box is wide enough and deep enough to accommodate all the toes comfortably, even when bearing the weight of the body. For example, a toe box that is 1/2 inch longer than the longest toe is recommended. It’s also a good idea to add a half size of space to your regular shoe size to allow for extra room, especially if you already have swollen feet.

Ultimately, a wide and deep toe box is one of the key elements to consider when looking for diabetic shoes for men. It will provide additional comfort, help to reduce friction and help to prevent any aggravation of existing conditions.

Breathable and flexible material

When it comes to diabetic shoes for men, look for shoes that are made with lightweight, breathable materials. Leather is a popular material as it is highly durable and breathable. However, when it comes to diabetic shoes, you should also look for materials such as canvas or stretchy fabric. These materials are more flexible and easily mold to the shape of your foot, providing a better fit and more comfort.

Customizable insoles

Customizable insoles can also help provide additional support and cushioning to the feet and ankles. With the use of memory foam and impact cushioning these insoles can absorb shock and reduce the strain placed on the feet and ankles. These features have been especially beneficial for those with diabetes as they can help reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers or blistering due to the decrease in shock absorption.

Customizable insoles can also help to properly regulate the temperature around the feet. For those living with diabetes, improper temperature regulation can cause a variety of problems. With the use of breathable materials and ventilation channels, customizable insoles can help keep feet comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Slip-resistant sole

When it comes to diabetic shoes for men, one of the most important features to consider is the slip-resistant sole. This is because diabetics are more prone to falls and slips due to compromised circulation and nerve damage. As such these soles are designed to provide maximum traction and stability for individuals who may be at higher risk for falls due to their diabetes.

Slip-resistant soles are typically made of rubber which is a material that is resistant to slipping on most surfaces. They also have tread patterns designed to provide maximum traction. A well-designed sole should provide a secure grip on a variety of surfaces, including wet or smooth surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors.

Additionally slip-resistant soles are often made from materials that are breathable and comfortable. This is important for individuals with diabetes as their feet are more prone to overheating and sweat. Breathable materials can help keep feet cool, dry and comfortable.

The right pair of diabetic shoes should also be designed with arch support. People with diabetes are more prone to foot and ankle problems due to decreased circulation and nerve damage so the right shoe should offer adequate arch support to help reduce potential pressure points and enhance comfort.

Finally, it’s important to make sure any diabetic shoes you buy are roomy enough to prevent irritation and potential ulcers. Shoes that are too tight can cause inflammation and lead to foot injuries.

Overall, slip-resistant soles are one of the most important features to look for when purchasing diabetic shoes for men. These soles provide the extra traction and stability needed for individuals with diabetes and are often made from breathable, comfortable materials for added comfort. When combined with arch support and roomy fit, slip-resistant soles provide an extra layer of protection to ensure secure footing and reduce the risk of injury from falls.

Extra depth

When shopping for diabetic shoes, it’s important to look for shoes that are designed specifically for diabetics. These shoes will have extra depth and width in the toe box to accommodate the shape and size of a diabetic foot.

In addition to looking for diabetic-specific features, men should also focus on finding shoes that provide a good fit. Poorly fitting shoes can lead to blistering, skin irritation and even a reduced ability to walk. Therefore, it’s important to get your feet measured by a professional when shopping for diabetic shoes. Additionally men should look for diabetic shoes with adjustable lacing systems and removable insoles as these features can make it easier to achieve a better fit.

Finally, when shopping for diabetic shoes for men, it is important to focus on shoes that are designed for your lifestyle. For example, if you are an active person then you may want to look for shoes that feature features such as reinforced heels and breathable uppers. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time indoors then you may want to look for shoes that feature slip-resistant outsoles and padded collars for extra comfort.

By following the advice of podiatrists, you can easily find shoes that provide the best fit and comfort for men with diabetes. Make sure to look for shoes that are designed specifically for diabetics, provide a good fit and are tailored to your lifestyle for the best results.

Best Diabetic Shoes Recommended by Podiatrists

New Balance 928

The New Balance 928 walking shoe is a top choice for men with diabetes when it comes to choosing shoes for their feet. It is designed for those who require extra support and stability due to diabetes-related complications such as neuropathy. With its unique ROLLBAR technology the New Balance 928 provides superior motion control to reduce the risk of injury and provide extra stability when walking.

The shoe’s upper is made of durable leather and mesh and it includes a padded collar and tongue for added comfort. It also features a breathable lining to keep feet cool and dry. The New Balance 928 is designed with ABZORB cushioning in the heel and forefoot to absorb impact. This cushioning is designed with a molded polyurethane foam that is lightweight and responsive to ensure a comfortable fit and reduce pressure on the feet.

The New Balance 928 also features a built-in ROLLBAR technology to reduce pronation and provide superior motion control while walking. The ROLLBAR is a curved system of posts that helps to keep the foot stable and reduce the risk of injury. The New Balance 928 also features a rubber outsole with a tread pattern designed to provide traction and stability on any surface.

The New Balance 928 walking shoe is an excellent choice for men with diabetes who are looking for a supportive and comfortable shoe for their feet. It provides superior motion control and cushioning to reduce the risk of injury, allowing individuals with diabetes to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With its durable construction and superior cushioning the New Balance 928 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for diabetic shoes for men.

Orthofeet Sprint Comfort

Orthofeet Sprint Comfort is one of the best diabetic shoes for men available according to many podiatrists. This shoe was specifically designed with diabetic feet in mind, offering features that cater to the unique needs of people with diabetes. This includes cushioned insoles with enhanced arch support to help with foot alignment and stability as well as extra room in the toe box to accommodate swelling caused by diabetes-related circulation issues. Additionally the Sprint Comfort incorporates a padded heel collar to improve ankle stability and a seamless interior lining to reduce the risk of rubbing and irritation. The lightweight and breathable synthetic leather and mesh upper ensures your feet stay cool and dry, while the slip-resistant outsole adds additional traction and safety. Additionally orthofeet’s diabetic shoes feature a unique customization service, allowing you to choose the size and color of the shoe as well as any special orthotics or insoles needed for your feet. All of these features come together to make the Orthofeet Sprint Comfort an ideal choice for men with diabetes who are looking for a comfortable, stylish and supportive shoe.

Brooks Ghost 10

If you are living with diabetes and are seeking a comfortable, supportive and reliable shoe, Brooks Ghost 10 is an excellent choice. Brooks, Ghost 10 is one of the best shoes for people with diabetes because of its innovative design, supportive technology and durable construction.

Brooks Ghost 10 features a unique technology called DNA Loft which creates a soft and responsive cushioning for greater comfort. The foam cushioning wraps around the foot, providing a secure fit and is resistant to compression for all-day support. The modified outsole is designed to reduce pressure, with reinforced rubber sole pods in the forefoot and heel providing enhanced traction and stability. The mesh overlay also provides breathability and ventilation to keep the feet cool and comfortable.

In addition to the supportive cushioning and stabilizing sole, Brooks Ghost 10 also has specialized diabetic shoe features. The interior of the shoe is designed to support the natural shape of the foot and reduce friction around sensitive areas. The overlay also has a wide toe box which is ideal for people with diabetes who may experience swelling or numbness in their toes.

Overall, Brooks Ghost 10 provides the perfect balance of comfort, support and stability for people with diabetes. Whether you need a running shoe, walking shoe or something for everyday wear, Brooks Ghost 10 will ensure maximum comfort and reliability for your feet.

Propet Stability X

Propet Stability X Shoes for Men are an incredibly popular choice for men with diabetes due to their superior comfort and stability features. The shoes are designed to protect your feet from the intense pressure of walking and exercise, helping to reduce the risk of injury. The technology is designed to provide cushioning and stability to the foot, all while providing the necessary support for people with diabetes.

The Propet Stability X shoe features a durable leather upper, breathable mesh lining and a cushioned EVA midsole for superior underfoot comfort. The sole is made of a special rubber material which provides excellent traction and stability. The Propet Stability X also includes a Moisture Wicking System that helps keep feet dry and comfortable. In addition the shoes also have a removable EVA Orthotic insole which helps provide extra cushioning and stability.

The Propet Stability X is designed specifically to address the needs of men with diabetes such as improved circulation and balance. The shoes are available in a variety of sizes and widths, making it easy to find the right fit for your foot size. The shoes also offer an incredible number of color combinations and styles to match any wardrobe. Finally the Propet Stability X has a firm heel counter for added support and stability, helping to reduce foot fatigue and providing improved comfort.

For people with diabetes, having the right shoes is essential. The Propet Stability X is a great choice for men thanks to its superior comfort and features. By providing superior traction and cushioning the Propet Stability X can help reduce the risk of injury, while ensuring that the wearer’s feet stay comfortable and dry.

Hush Puppies Gil

The Hush Puppies Gil is a high-quality shoe designed by podiatrists specifically for those with diabetes. These shoes provide the ultimate protection and comfort for those with diabetes and have been designed to meet the highest standards of foot protection and support. The Hush Puppies Gil are constructed with a unique combination of leather uppers soft flexible soles and a lightweight sole that helps reduce shock absorption, providing exceptional comfort and shock-absorption.

The Hush Puppies Gil diabetic shoes for men feature an adjustable strap closure providing a secure, comfortable fit and the foam-padded tongue and collar provide cushioning to reduce pressure points. The upper of the Hush Puppies Gil is constructed with full-grain leather which provides excellent support and breathability. The outsole is made of lightweight EVA foam which provides lightweight cushioning and flexibility to help reduce joint pain. The Hush Puppies Gil diabetic shoes for men also feature removable and adjustable arch support insoles to help control pronation, providing an added level of stability and comfort.

The Hush Puppies Gil diabetic shoes for men also boast an adjustable and removable heat and moisture control foot bed that helps keep the feet cool and dry, while the perforated upper provides ventilation to help reduce foot sweat. The Hush Puppies Gil also boasts a low-friction lining that helps keep feet dry and reduce the risk of blisters and calluses.

The Hush Puppies Gil diabetic shoes for men are also machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. The Hush Puppies Gil are a great choice for those with diabetes and are designed to provide superior comfort, support and protection. With all the features and benefits of the Hush Puppies Gil diabetic shoes for men they make a great choice for those with diabetes.

Dr. Comfort Wing

Diabetic shoes for men are an essential part of a person’s health and comfort. For those living with diabetes, having the right shoes is essential to foot health and comfort. Dr. Comfort Wing is the leading choice of diabetic shoes for men and for a good reason.

Designed with the diabetic’s foot health in mind, Dr. Comfort Wing diabetic shoes for men feature a wide array of features and benefits. The lightweight construction and breathable mesh upper provide ample ventilation, making them perfect for all-day wear. The specialized shoe also features an extra-wide toe box that allows space for extra-wide feet, making it an excellent choice for wide-footed diabetics.

In addition to its comfort and breathability, Dr. Comfort Wing diabetic shoes for men also provide supreme cushioning and support. The specialized sole provides enhanced traction and energy return, allowing for better balance and less fatigue. The sole also has a shock-absorbing layer that reduces shock and vibration, helping to reduce pain and discomfort caused by walking.

For those who are more active, Dr. Comfort Wing shoes have an anti-friction system designed to reduce the risk of blisters and other foot-related skin problems. The special insole is also designed to provide increased arch support, helping to improve balance and posture.

Finally, Dr. Comfort Wing diabetic shoes for men come in a range of colors and styles to make sure that there is something for any outdoor activity or lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a casual shoe or something more specialized, Dr. Comfort Wing has got you covered.

In conclusion, Dr. Comfort Wing diabetic shoes for men are the perfect choice for those living with diabetes. With its specialized design, comfort and support, it ensures that those with diabetes can enjoy a comfortable, healthy lifestyle.

Other Factors to Consider

When it comes to finding the best shoes for people with diabetes the most important factors that should be taken into consideration include proper fit, breathability and extra cushioning support. However there are several other factors that could influence your decision when it comes to buying diabetic shoes for men.

First and foremost, it is important to consider the style of shoe you are looking for. Regarding style, diabetic shoes for men come in a wide range of options, from casual and sporty styles to more formal and stylish ones. It’s important to find a shoe that meets your style preferences and at the same time keeps your feet comfortable and healthy.

When choosing diabetic shoes for men, it’s also recommended to take the climate into consideration. For instance, during the hot summer months, it’s recommended to wear sandals or shoes with breathable insoles and uppers, to ensure your feet stay cool and dry. On the other hand, during the cold winter months, it is important to find a pair of shoes that are water-resistant and insulated, to protect your feet from the cold.

Durability is also an important factor when choosing diabetic shoes for men. Since diabetic feet require extra attention, it’s important to find a pair of shoes that will last for a long time despite the constant wear and tear. Investing in high-quality brands and materials is worth it in the long run.

Overall there are a variety of factors that should be taken into consideration when buying diabetic shoes for men. Proper fit, breathability and cushioning are the most important factors, however it is also important to take into consideration the style, climate and durability of the shoes to ensure optimal foot health.

How Do I Know When It’s Time To Replace My Shoes?

For people with diabetes, finding the right shoes can make a huge difference in their overall health and wellbeing. But once you’ve made the investment, how do you know when it is time to replace those shoes? Here’s what you need to know to ensure you’re getting the most out of your diabetic shoes.

The first sign that it’s time to replace your diabetic shoes is when you start to experience discomfort, pain or fatigue in your feet while wearing them. This is a sign that the shoe’s cushioning is worn out and that it’s time to start shopping for a new pair. It is also important to note that your feet may change over time due to weight gain, swelling or other medical issues. So it is important to check with your doctor or podiatrist to ensure the fit of your shoes isn’t exacerbating any medical issues you may have.

Another sign that it’s time to replace your diabetic shoes is if the material is showing signs of wear and tear. This is especially true for shoes made of leather or other materials that may not stand up to the constant wear and tear of everyday use. If you look closely at the material and notice any rips, tears or fading then it’s time to start shopping for a new pair.

In addition, if you start to notice any excessive wear on the sole or heel of your shoes then it’s time to replace them. This is especially important for diabetic shoes for men as the extra cushioning these shoes provide can make all the difference in comfort and stability.

Finally, one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to shoes for people with diabetes is the fit. Your shoes should provide ample cushioning but they should also fit snuggly and provide support while allowing your feet to move comfortably. If you start to notice that your shoes are too tight or too loose then it’s time to replace them.

In summary, if you start to notice any discomfort, pain or fatigue while wearing your diabetic shoes or if the material is showing signs of wear and tear or if the fit isn’t right, it’s time to replace them. Taking the time to find the most comfortable and supportive diabetic shoes for your feet is the best way to ensure your overall health and wellbeing.


Finding the best diabetic shoes can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, this article provided helpful information on what to look for in diabetic shoes, tips from podiatrists and recommendations on the best diabetic shoes currently available. Making sure that the shoes fit well, having regular foot check-ups and properly maintaining the shoes are all important factors in preventing diabetic foot problems. With the right knowledge and care, diabetic patients can stay healthy and active.


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