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Endocrinologist near me

You are reading this article because you probably asked the question “endocrinologist near me”. An endocrinologist near me is a good question .


Photograph of Dr. Ahmet ErginYou are reading this article because you probably asked the question “endocrinologist near me”. An endocrinologist near me is a good question to ask and commonly asked. Having said that, finding an endocrinologist available who is near you may be a difficult task. Question is do you really need an endocrinologist. Last start with a definition. So, what is an endocrinologist? An endocrinologist a specialist with in-depth knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders.

Endocrinology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine and focuses on hormones in the body. Diabetes is one of the most common hormonal disorders endocrinologists deal on a day by day basis.If you wish to learn about our online diabetes doctors and our telehealth diabetes care center, contact us after you finish reading the article and remember to share with other people who may benefit from the information.

Nowadays, endocrinologist near me question does not need to be asked anymore. SugarMDs is available anytime anywhere you need an endocrinologist or diabetes specialist nearby.

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Since telemedicine started to become popular there has been a lot of companies that offer face-to-face video chat with the doctors. The question is face-to-face video visit may be convenient however is not enough. At Sugar MDs, we have cutting edge technology that allows transfer of information between the diabetes doctor and the patient on a continuous basis.

Common questions about diabetes

When you have diabetes you may have many questions such as;

  • Is my diabetes controlled? What determines diabetes control? What is A1c?
  • What are the complications of diabetes? How soon diabetes complications occur?
  • What should I do to stop diabetes? Is there a cure for diabetes?
  • Can I reduce the cost of my diabetes medications? Why diabetes medications are so expensive?
  • Do I have to do finger sticks to check my glucose? How often do you have to check my blood sugars?
  • What is an insulin pump? What does an insulin pump do?
  • What are continuous glucose monitors? What are the various brands of continuous glucose monitors?
  • What medications are best for my diabetes? What diabetic medications help lose weight?

The questions can go on and on. You can easily ask hundreds of more questions about your diabetes. If you do not have a diabetes specialist who can answer all these questions you will be in the dark. Although you may find an endocrinologist when you search for “endocrinologist near me” that we will give you appointment months down the road, not having a specialist may cause years of uncontrolled diabetes. At Sugar MDs you can have a diabetes management appointment within a few days.

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Does my primary care doctor have clinical inertia

Clinical inertia means postponing or delaying treatment. In other words, turning a blind eye. This could be due to the fact that you may have other important problems and diabetes ends up being at the back burner. Diabetes medications and diabetes technology have improved drastically. Moreover, many new medications and devices have been introduced to the market in the last decade. Many new developments are also on the horizon. Living with diabetes is not difficult anymore.

There has been a lot of development with continuous glucose monitoring systems, remote diabetes monitoring as well as remote health monitoring. Yet, your primary care doctor may not be aware of all the new developments and state of the art treatment options. I do not blame them. With so many problems they have to deal with they cannot be an expert in everything, right?. No one can.

If you feel that your diabetes has not been under control which means that your A1c has not been below 6.5-7%, you should see an endocrinologist near you. Also, search for “endocrinologist near me” if your fasting blood sugars stayed above 120 after 6 months of treatment under your primary care doctor. Do not hesitate to ask him or her if you need an endocrinologist.

Unfortunately, clinical inertia (postponing treatment) is very common among primary care doctors and it can take years before your doctor takes serious steps to control your diabetes. The fact of the matter is that the most critical time of diabetes control is the first few years. If you are in denial or unwilling to do something it may be too late for you. So do not wait and search for “endocrinologist near me”. Remember, sugar MDs is always near you. We are where you are.

Early diabetes diagnosis and management saves lives

Once diabetes complications settle in they are very hard to deal with. The key is early intervention with diet, exercise and embracing a new lifestyle. If that is not adequate or possible, using effective and if possible inexpensive medications with minimal side effects would be the next steps. Given that there are more than 80 different medications today in the market, you may be better served by an endocrinologist for your diabetes treatment. Again search for “endocrinologist near me”. A well trained and astute endocrinologist should also be able to help you with your technological needs such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, remote glucose monitoring, etc.

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Insulin pump therapy for diabetes management

If you are an insulin-dependent patient such as a type I diabetic patient or an advanced type II diabetic patient on multiple injections a day an insulin pump can make your life a lot easier. An insulin pump can only be managed by an endocrinologist. So go ahead and search for “endocrinologist near me” if you cannot see an endocrinologist near you. Contact us at Sugar MDs.

There are many different brands of insulin pumps in the market. These include Medtronic, tandem, Omni pod, and more. Choosing the right insulin pump can be a very complicated task. That is because every pump has different features that may benefit you. So when you search for “endocrinologist near me” make sure you ask the question if they manage insulin pumps. Also, ask the question of whether they have programs that allow you to choose an insulin pump that will fit you best.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems to improve diabetes management

Continuous glucose monitoring systems allow you now to monitor blood sugars continuously without any fingersticks. Dexcom G6, freestyle libre are too prominent CGM brands. Your data is sent to a cloud where your diabetes doctor can see and intervene whenever it is necessary. In my diabetes practice, I choose Dexcom over freestyle libre if I can. This is however not always easy or possible. When my patients have type 2 diabetes and not able to get Dexcom freestyle libre becomes the next best choice. Medtronic Guardian CGM also is available and does a decent job. Again, every continuous glucose monitoring device has different features. Your endocrinologist or diabetes specialist will determine what is best for you. Not only that but also sugar MDs discuss all the pros and cons of CGMs to help you make the best decision. Sometimes searching for “endocrinologist near me” may not be the best search. Search for an endocrinologist who will be in your best interest and also be your best friend.

Live glucose monitoring/remote glucose monitoring

More recently remote live glucose monitoring or remote health monitoring has been trendy and yet most endocrinologists are still practicing traditionally asking for written blood sugar logs on a piece of paper which is often filled with blood stains and tons of missing information. If the doctor is lucky the patient will remember to bring their logs. Are you 1 of those patients who are struggling to keep blood sugar logs. Do you forget to bring your blood sugar logs at a doctor’s visit? Are you ashamed to bring blood sugar logs because there is only a few numbers on your logs? Do not be!!

Think about a system where you check your glucose and it goes to your doctor immediately and is stored permanently. That would be really cool, right? And yes, it is doable today. Find an Endocrinologist who is capable of doing remote medicine via remote glucose monitoring today. Do not search for “endocrinologist near me”. Search for sugar MDs.

Is monitoring and treating blood sugars enough?

When you search for an “endocrinologist near me” you are probably looking for someone who will help with your blood sugars and control your diabetes. You should also understand that diabetes is not only a blood sugar disease. Most of the time it involves insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Two-thirds of diabetic patients die from heart attacks and strokes before they have known complications of diabetes such as blindness, kidney failure, or neuropathy. So, it is extremely important to treat high cholesterol and high blood pressure in addition to high blood sugars. A good diabetes specialist will pay attention to your cholesterol and your blood pressure as well. So instead of searching for “endocrinologist near me” search for an endocrinologist who can treat diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. You can also search for an endocrinologist who can do remote glucose and health monitoring. Telemedicine for diabetes is the future.

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Is telemedicine available for diabetes?

At www.sugarMDs.com you can find the state of the art treatment options, remote live glucose monitoring and effective yet inexpensive medications to treat, last but not least 24/7 diabetes coaching for your questions and lifestyle support. Diabetes specialist will see you on the video chat and we will track your progress weekly to make sure that we keep your blood sugars under control at all times. We will make sure that your diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol all are under control. You are seeing her eye doctor regularly. We are going to make sure that you do not have neuropathy and if you do, we will do everything it takes to prevent diabetic foot ulcers.

Thank you for reading our post about “endocrinologist near me”. Please feel free to contact us directly for any questions or concerns.

Author: Ahmet Ergin, MD, FACE, CDCES, ECNU
About the author: Dr. Ergin operates a large diabetes practice mostly in Jupiter, FL and yet can see diabetic patients across the entire state of Florida via a unique telehealth platform which also allows him and his team to track patient progress and be available at all times.




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