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How to Eat Carbs if Diabetic without Raising Blood Sugar?

Eat Carbs, Lose Weight and Control Diabetes: SIMPLE TRICKS How can you really eat carbs, control your diabetes, and lose weight? This may not be for .


Eat Carbs, Lose Weight and Control Diabetes: SIMPLE TRICKS

How can you really eat carbs, control your diabetes, and lose weight? This may not be for
everyone but a lot of you will benefit from it. Consider the risk involved and always run this with
your endocrinologists to make sure that this is going to work for you. If you’re taking certain
medications for diabetes, it may not work well so be very careful. So here is how to eat carbs if you are diabetic without spiking blood sugar.

As a diabetic, some would tell you that you should not be eating any carbs, or go on an Atkins
diet or keto diet to reverse your diabetes forever. It’s human nature that we crave carbs since
the brain and body both prefer carbs for fuel. Carbs are also everywhere and they are loaded
with nutrients. We are talking about the healthy carbs that are not processed – whole foods
such as quinoa, barley, brown rice, oats, berries, citrus fruits, melons, apples, pears, bananas, and kiwifruit. Whole foods are not going to hurt you unless you eat them in large amounts.

Here are some tricks:

1. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular health and fitness trends. If you are fasting for a period of
time, your body goes into Ketosis. It is also sometimes referred to as the body’s “fat-burning” mode. Your body will go into ketosis right around eight to ten hours after you
start your fasting.
In the fasting state, cells break down viruses, bacteria, and damaged components. It also
improves your insulin resistance. After fasting, you can have a nice meal that is mixed
with healthy carbs, healthy protein, and healthy fat. You can eat whatever you want after
a long period of fasting as long as they’re whole foods, natural and not processed. Your
stomach will shrink and you won’t be able to eat too much.
During fasting, you must drink water to stay hydrated. You can also drink tea or black
coffee and avoid any sweetener.

2. Drink water before a meal

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal aids digestion. It can also help you
feel full and help prevent overeating.

3. Have a soup or salad –

That depends if you are a soup person or a salad person.

4. Minor exercise

Do activities, exercises that won’t take too long for 15-20 minutes if you cant dedicate longer amounts of time at a time.

5. Don’t stay up too late

You will end up getting hungry. After eating, you should be gone to bed no more than 3 hours. Within that time your
body digests your food so you’re not up at night with an upset stomach, indigestion, or heartburn. If you didn’t eat too much before going to sleep, you will have a wonderful

6. Have a cup of coffee in the morning

Coffee causes a little insulin resistance and it will raise your blood sugar a little bit which helps
to prevent excess appetite. It is also capable of boosting your metabolism hence
aids in losing weight.

With all these, you will realize that you don’t like to eat anymore or you lose your appetite. As
long as you don’t eat sweets or calorie-dense foods, carbs are okay. You will still lose weight.

7.Having a small amount of appetizer to control diabetes

The appetizer will make you eat fewer carbs if you give a break after the appetizer. Doing this every day may not work as good so this can be done every other day. Your body is wonderful in that it can easily adapt to changes. You can adapt to a little calorie kind of diet, adapt to 5000 calories at some point, you will stop gaining weight because you can only gain so much weight or you’re not going to gain as much weight and so forth.

In the obesity case, by the time your body adjusts you may be 300 pounds & that’s a different
story but the bottom line is you need to do that every other day for it to be more effective. It may
take time but little by little you will see the changes.

You have to enjoy life even if you have diabetes. You should still be able to discipline yourself
and learn to fast. Fasting has been shown and proven to prolong life. To have a healthy life,
reduce the cancer risk, reverse diabetes, and insulin resistance & all these benefits. We have to
learn to get over our hunger. Snacking is extremely common in America & Europe but you have
to learn to fast and that will help you achieve your goals with weight loss while eating carbs.
Have a wonderful day and keep blood sugar down!

Ahmet Ergin, MD, FACE, CDCES, ECNU Endocrinologist, Diabetes Educator

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