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Online diabetes doctor and SugarMDs app

In the early 2000s, people started coming to the internet as their first source of information. Today, online diabetic health advice has become the .

In the early 2000s, people started coming to the internet as their first source of information. Today, online diabetic health advice has become the second-most popular topic in search engines, as telemedicine and telehealth rise in popularity. Many patients have turned to online diabetes doctors to receive online consultations and get prescription drugs. Technology such as SugarMDs app and physician services such as SugarMDs, are tools that benefit both the diabetes doctor and the patient. Board-certified online diabetes doctors can help you with cost savings, convenience, accessibility, and improved privacy and communication. Here is how SugarMDs can help.

How can an online diabetes doctor help via telehealth or telemedicine?

Telemedicine and telehealth are on the rise, and more diabetic patients are looking for a diabetes doctor online to help manage their condition. So, why can’t you manage your diabetes online? Most of the time, when you see your diabetes doctor, you end up talking about blood sugar levels and medication management. But what if there was a diabetes-focused app that collected all the data for you and your doctor? What if that app also allowed your doctor to view what was being recorded in real time? Wouldn’t that be a relief? Well, SugarMDs uses the its own app called SugarMDs app. 

 to achieve this very goal. This app does all of the above, in addition to allowing our doctors to remotely monitor and treat you if you are using Dexcom G6 or G7, Freestyle libre or Medtronic guardian sensors. 

How can the SugarMDs App benefit you? 

The purpose of the SugarMDs app is to fill in the gaps of missing information, such as food, medications, mood and exercise. By collecting these key details – which contribute to the fluctuation of your daily blood sugar – our doctors can gain a better view of your overall health. The SugarMDs app includes a variety of features that allow our doctors to actively take better care of their patients. This includes the ability to recommended a daily number of blood sugar checks, to alert you when to check, and to send you reminders about medications. Through SugarMDs app, you can instantly share your blood sugar log with our online doctors at SugarMDs, who are able to send prescriptions and give on-demand diabetes advice anytime, anywhere.

When can you see an online diabetes doctor/telehealth visit?

Standard telehealth diabetic doctors and coaches are not available around the clock. But at SugarMDs, a board-certified endocrinologist or diabetes coach is available 24/7 on demand, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Our online team is very compassionate and knows firsthand the ever-changing demands of living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Download the SugarMDs app and contact SugarMDs today. What we do is more than just telemedicine for diabetes.


What is the difference between a real online diabetic doctor versus Web MD?

Websites that provide free medical information, such as Web MD, are not entirely credible. Key details are usually missing or incorrect, and the advice given is not individualized to the reader. Conclusions drawn from these sources can be dangerous, as they may result in delayed treatment or inaccurate diagnoses. It is safest for your health to take advice directly from a doctor.  Because the term “online doctor” has become highly commercialized, Dr. Ahmet Ergin, founder of www.sugarmds.com, warns vulnerable patients seeking online diabetic care, to take precautions. He advises patients to check the credentials of the online physician they plan to see, as many telehealth and telemedicine companies are using doctors not specialized in the field they advertise. In terms of online diabetes care, Dr. Ergin strongly recommends only seeing a high-quality, board-certified endocrinologist. 

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What is the difference between real-time diabetes doctors, versus standard automated programs with chatbots or other telehealth doctors?

In the sphere of healthcare information technology, applications that provide generic advice to patients are developed at a rapid pace. These apps are then sold for a few dollars a month, attracting numerous customers. The problem is, these automatically-generated responses have no back support from a physician to ensure the advice is accurate. On the other hand, health2sync provides its users with an expert MD and a diabetic coach to answer your questions. At SugarMDs, the health2sync app is used to maintain regular communication with your diabetes doctor and coach; and telehealth is used for follow-up visits with your board-certified endocrinologist.

How does online diabetes care save you money?

95% of the diabetes drugs today are brand names that are very expensive, especially without insurance coverage. Medicare patients who go into the “donut hole” end up paying a large chunk of their monthly medication costs. Medicare patients who go into the “donut hole” end up paying a large chunk of their monthly medication costs. Unfortunately, traditional practices do not have the time or the resources to identify less expensive medications, programs, or discount cards that can help their patients afford prescriptions. Luckily, our online diabetes care specialists work with the patient and the pharmacist via telehealth/telemedicine to identify the most effective and least expensive medications. Through our extensive research on medication costs – along with regular chatting, texting, and video conferencing – we have helped our patients save hundreds of dollars every month.

Does online diabetes care reduce hospitalizations and ER visits?

A priority in our online diabetes center is to be available to our patients via telehealth, telemedicine, text and email. This on demand care had allowed us to help many patients avoid the emergency room and hospitalization. Recently, a patient texted us via SugarMDs app, stating that his blood sugar was more than 600 after a steroid injection. We immediately reviewed the patient’s data and instructed him on what to do. Within a few hours, we had brought his blood sugars down to 150, and he started to feel better. Had he not been able to reach his diabetes doctor quickly, this patient would have ended up in the emergency room. 

Do insurance companies cover online diabetes doctors?

Since the recent coronavirus pandemic, most insurance companies – including Medicare – have started covering telemedicine and online diabetes visits. At our practice, we treat Medicare patients as long as Medicare continues to cover our services. For  are self-pay patients with no insurance coverage, our services are reasonably priced at $1200 a year.

Is online diabetes care better than traditional diabetes care?

Yes. Due to the constant fluctuation of blood sugar levels, it is important to stay in touch with an online diabetes coach and doctor. While new diabetics can usually control their condition with visits every 3 to 6 months, seasoned diabetics need constant monitoring. Traditional care has often left diabetic patients in a state of frustration and emotional turmoil. Patients have had to wait days or weeks to speak with their diabetic doctor about their significant blood sugar fluctuation. This has caused many to discontinue treatments, at the detriment of their health.

In our online diabetes system, specialty doctors use SugarMDs app to stay in sync with patients at all times. Our doctors are able to view blood sugar entries as soon as patients enter them, and monitor their health in real-time. This is more than just basic telehealth or telemedicine. This is 360 diabetes care, covering every single aspect of the condition on-demand. Sign up today to get the quality online care and attention you deserve!

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  1. Graham Dell says:

    My insurance provider, Kaiser Permamente, does not cover Freestyle Libre sensors. As a patient can I purchase them favorably from you? Does your app read them or do I need to buy a monitor?

    • SugarMD says:

      Our app allows you to keep track of your blood sugar and other metrics and helps you to achieve your health goals. However it does not measure any of those parameters.
      Thank you.

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